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[1] A single keno game. A term held over from when the game was called Horse Race Keno. [2] Also may be a reference to the "race" to the keno counter to cash in a winning ticket before the next game starts.
Racehorse Keno
The term for the game of keno prior to 1951, when each number also had the name of a racehorse to it.
The tray that holds the keno balls when they are not in play.
Random Number Generator
A computer program used to randomly select numbers for a keno game.
The price for a ticket or way.
Rate Card
Provided by the casino. Shows payoffs for various bets.
The ticket marked in ink by the keno writer and returned to the player, duplicating the original presented ticket. Also Duplicate Ticket, Duplicate Copy, or Duplicate.
Regular Ticket
The standard or basic ticket sold by a casino.
Replayed Ticket
Giving a played ticket to the counter to replay the numbers.
Rng Game
When a computer program is used to randomly select numbers for a keno game.
A casino employee who goes through the casino restaurants and seating areas collecting keno wagers, and paying winners. Almost always women.
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