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Ball Drawing Device
The mechanical instrument used to randomly select 20 winning numbers from 80 in each Keno game.
Ball Game
A keno game that uses plastic balls to represent the numbers. This is the most common type of keno game today.
Keno balls. Similar to bingo balls or ping pong balls. Numbered 1-80.
The casino's money available for keno operations.
A common term used by gamblers to describe the amount of money they are prepared to wager, and possibly loose.
The amount of money subject to loss in any one game by a player.
Bet Details
The terms under which a Bet is placed, including: cost of bet, ways and number of games.
Bet Per Game
The Bet per Ticket divided by the Forward Games.
Bet Per Way
The Bet per Game divided by the Number of Ways.
Bet Type
Configuration of a Bet, i.e. Jackpot, Way Bet, Set Bet, etc.
The original name for keno. Although keno and bingo are very different today, both use similar balls to represent numbers drawn.
A keno ticket that has not been used.
Part of the machine used to dispense keno balls. The blower uses air to force the balls into a tube where they can be viewed and/or removed by the keno operator.
An electrical board showing the twenty numbers selected for each game of keno.
Bonus Game
Game added to a Ticket where Promotion conditions are fulfilled, e.g. receive a bonus game for every 50 games paid for on one ticket.
The part of the ball machine that holds the balls when the blower is not on.
A mechanism for paying common bills implemented by most Australian Banks. It involves taking the bill to a participating bank and paying it. The payment and bill details (less a commission) are subsequently passed onto the bill merchant. Can be also used via telephone and Internet banking systems.
Buy-in Tournament
A keno tournament where players pay a set fee up front, and play a predetermined number of games and/or tickets. Players get to keep any winnings.
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