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Used as a verb, as in "Wheel these twelve numbers" or "Why don't you wheel those numbers?" Sometimes used as noun to refer to a wheeling system. See Wheeling System.
Wheeling System
A way of organizing lotto-type game play to improve chances of winning multiple tier-prizes. Wheeling Systems "arrange" a group of selections (8, 10, 12 numbers or more) into multiple games that give either full or partial coverage of all the possible combinations of those selections. A full wheel covers all permutations of the selected numbers and is usually very expensive. If the numbers drawn are present in your group of selections, though, you are guaranteed a winning ticket. An "abbreviated" system is much cheaper. It does not guarantee a jackpot, but usually guarantees tier prizes.
The anticipated tax amount deducted from prize payments. The base withholding is a 28% deduction for the federal government on wins by US residents and 38% on wins by non-residents.
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