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A computerized device located at a lottery retailer that is used to sell online games and to validate winning tickets of online and instant games. Terminals are connected to a lottery's central computers by phone line.
Another term for SC: An abbreviation used to describe a scratch card with the latex scratched off.
Games where outcomes are determined by the results of sports events. Sports lotteries are the most popular lottery games in much of the world (where they are frequently called "toto" or "football pools") but have not achieved this level of popularity in North America.
Tree System
A tree is similar to a wheeling system, but used for daily number games. Primarily, a tree system is a way of organizing numbers to play for a straight win so that potential combinations are not missed.
A three- or four-digit number that contains three of the same digit. Examples: 111, 444, 5556, 2322. There are only 10 three-digit Triples and one should appear every 100 days. There are 360 four-digit triple combinations and one should show up every 28 days. The rarity of four-digit triples usually results in greatly-increased boxed payouts (there are 90 boxed combinations); as a result, it's good advice to play four-digit Triples boxed.
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