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Sample Void (Sv)
A sample ticket, issued by the Lottery operators so players and retails can get used to a new ticket.
An abbreviation used to describe a scratch card with the latex scratched off.
Scratch-Off Game
A lottery ticket with a latex panel that has to be scratched off to reveal if it's a winner.
An add-on feature to a lotto game. For an additional fee an extra set of numbers (typically four to six numbers) is printed on the bottom of a ticket. Players win by matching one or more of these numbers to those selected in a random drawing. Spiel games are found throughout Canada but are not yet common in the United States. Examples of spiel games include Atlantic Canada's TAG, Quebec's Extra, and Ohio's Kicker.
Sports Lottery
Games where outcomes are determined by the results of sports events. Sports lotteries are the most popular lottery games in much of the world (where they are frequently called "toto" or "football pools") but have not achieved this level of popularity in North America.
A way of betting a three or four digit number. In this bet the numbers must be drawn in the exact order that you bet them. So, for example, if you play the number 374 straight, the number drawn that night must be 3-7-4 for the bet to win. The normal three-digit payoff for such a bet is around $500 for a $1 bet; statistically, each three-digit number should be drawn once every 2.7 years. A $1 bet in the four-digit game is usually worth around $5,000; statistically, each four-digit number should be drawn once every 27.4 years.
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