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Usually a three-digit-number bet that includes only the first two digits, last two digits, and in some cases the first and last digit of a three-digit number. Examples: if 123 is drawn, 12 is the Front Pair, 23 the back pair and 13 the middle or split pair. There are 100 pairs of each type and the odds of seeing any one of them are 1 in 100.
The term used to describe a common system of payoffs that splits the total available money between all winners of a particular prize-level (2nd prize, straight hit, etc.). The alternative to pari-mutuel is a fixed-payout system, one that guarantees if you hit a lotto prize or a numbers prize you will win a preset amount.
Passive Game
A lottery game similar to a raffle where a player buys a ticket with preprinted numbers. The lottery later randomly draws numbers that are compared to the players' tickets to determine the outcomes.
Amount that can be won on a winning lottery ticket.
Pull Tab
An instant-win ticket on which the player tears open a flap to see if the ticket is a winner. Pull tabs are often sold by charities and occasionally by state lotteries. Also called Break Open.
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