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National Lottery
The name used for the Lottery of a particular country.
Natural Selection
A term used to differentiate from a Quick Pick. Natural selection is a fancy way of saying the player picked his own numbers. Example: "Was the winning ticket a quick pick or a natural selection?"
Net Machine Income
The money played at a video lottery terminal minus the prizes won at that terminal.
No-Match Numbers
A daily 3- or 4-digit number that contains no matching digits, as opposed to a double, triple, double-double or quad. Examples: 123, 498, 1234, 0659. These are the most common types of combinations. They show up in 3 out of 4 three-digit number drawings and in half of all four-digit number drawings.
Numbers Game
This term can be used for any lottery game where winners are determined by a random selection of numbers. However, it is often used more specifically for a game where a player selects three or four digits (0 to 9) and matches them with a similar set selected at random by the lottery. The player can select several different types of wagers with payoffs varying accordingly. For example, players making a "straight" bet will win $500 on a $1 bet if their three digits match the three digits selected by the lottery in the same order.
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