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Daily Game
This can refer to any game where winners are determined once a day, but usually refers to a numbers game such as the "Daily 3" or "Daily 4" games played in many states.
A daily 3- or 4-digit number that contains two of the same digit. Examples: 122, 353, 1451, 3321. There are 90 boxed double combinations in the three-digit game and one should show up every 4 days. Since there are few double numbers, the payouts are usually much higher. Four-digit doubles come up every 2.5 days and there are 360 possible boxed combinations.
A four-digit number made up of two doubles. Examples: 1221, 3344, 9797. There are only 45 of these boxed combinations in the game; a Double-Double should appear every 37 days. Double-Double hits, because of their rarity, yield much higher payouts per dollar bet.
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