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The modern version of an old Chinese lottery. Twenty number out of eighty are drawn, and players win by guessing which numbers will be drawn. Keno is a lottery; state lotteries are variations of keno.
Keno Balls
Similar to bingo balls or ping pong balls. Numbered 1-80.
Keno Blank
A piece of paper issued by the casino, containing the numbers 1 through 80, which the player marks to play keno.
Keno Board
The electronic signs that display the numbers drawn for a keno draw. Most are now LED, but older boards using light bulbs are still around,,,,A large electronic board that displays the winning keno numbers.
Keno Computer
Used by casinos to enter wages, determine winners, print keno tickets, prepare management reports, etc.
Keno Counter
The counter where players place their wagers and collect their winnings.
Keno Draw Simulator
A device used to produce a sequence of random numbers.
Keno Lounge
The main area within a casino where keno is played.
Keno Prize
Fixed amount paid for a Ticket achieving a specific outcome.
Keno Runner
A casino employee who shuttles your keno bet from wherever you are to the keno writer, and also delivers payment for winning tickets.
Keno Terminal
Device used by Operator to provide Keno Gaming.
Keno Writer
The casino employee who collects the bet, writes the duplicate ticket, and pays off winners at keno.
King Number
Any one number circled on the ticket, whose purpose it is to combine with other numbers to form ways. Also called King.
King Ticket
A ticket played with one or more king numbers marked on it, making it a very versatile ticket.
Kwik Pik
Random Keno number of selections, and number selection.
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