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A fencing weapon with a flat blade and knuckle guard, used with cutting or thrusting actions; a military sword popular in the 18th to 20th centuries; any cutting sword used by cavalry.
A fencing hall or club.
With the weapon, a customary acknowledgement of one's opponent and referee at the start and end of the bout.
German fraternity duelling sword, used with cuts to the face and no footwork.
Second Intention
A false action used to draw a response from the opponent, which will open the opportunity for the intended action that follows, typically a counter-riposte.
The second guard or parry. A low line on the side of the sword arm, with a pronated wrist.
The seventh guard or parry. A low line on the side away from the sword arm, with a semi-supinated wrist.
Executed in one movement; an attack or riposte that involves no feints.
In foil and sabre, two attacks for which the right-of-way is too close to determine.
Single Stick
An archaic form of fencing with basket-hilted wooden sticks.
Single Time
Descriptive of a parry or riposte performed as a single action.
Also "stesso tempo"; parry-riposte as a single action.
The sixth guard or parry. A high line on the side of the sword arm, with a semi-supinated wrist.
Small Sword
A light duelling sword popular in the 17th-18th centuries, precursor to the foil.
Stop Cut
A stop-hit with the edge in sabre, typically to the cuff.
Stop Hit
A counter-attack that hits; also a counter-attack whose touch is valid by virtue of its timing.
The fencing area, which is 14 meters long by two meters wide.
Successive Parries
Two or more parries made in succession to defend against compound attacks.
A position in which the knuckles of the sword hand are down and the fingernails up.
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