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A long, double-edged thrusting sword popular in the 16th-17th centuries.
Bringing the feet together at right angles with the heels touching and the body upright.
To move back to the en garde position after a lunge.
Red Card
Used to indicate repeated minor rule infractions or a major rule infraction by one of the fencers; results in a point being given to the other fencer.
A new action that follows an attack that missed or was parried; renewal of a failed attack in the opposite line; alternatively see Reprise.
Also director, president; the mediator of the fencing bout.
Renewing an attack after being parried by moving the point along the same line toward a different point on the target.
Renewal of an attack that missed or was parried, after a return to en-garde; alternatively see Redoublement.
Step back; opposite of advance.
The portion of the tang between the grip and the blade, present on Italian hilts and most rapiers.
Right of Way
In foil and sabre competition, a convention that determines the priority of touches. Essentially, when two fencers strike one another simultaneously, priority is given to the fencer who first signaled attack with a forward movement of the arm, directing the point of the blade toward a valid target area in a threatening manner.
Rules for awarding the point in the event of a double touch in foil or sabre.
An offensive action made immediately after a parry of the opponent's attack.
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