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A soft protective cushion inside the guard.
A block of the attack, made with the forte of one's own blade; also parade.
Pas De Touche
A declaration by the director that no touch has been recorded.
An attack made with a cross; eg. fleche. Also, the act of moving past the opponent.
Passata Sotto
A counter attack in which a lunge is initiated by dropping a hand to the floor and lowering the body under the opponent's oncoming blade.
A lunge made by dropping one hand to the floor.
An attack that passes the target without hitting; also a cross-step (see cross).
1) An attack that passes the target without hitting it. 2) A cross.
A forward step, with an appel from the rear foot at the moment when the front foot lands.
A set of related actions by both fencers that continues until a hit is scored or action is stopped by the director.
Pineapple Tip
A serrated epee point used prior to electric judging.
The linear strip on which a fencing bout is fought; approx. 2m wide and 14m long.
Pistol Grip
A modern, orthopaedic grip, shaped vaguely like a small pistol; varieties are known by names such as Belgian, German, Russian, and Visconti.
A point attack that lands flat.
1) A half jacket worn under the fencing jacket to give the sword arm extra protection. 2) a padded over-jacket worn by a fencing coach.
A valid touch; the tip of the sword; the mechanical assembly that makes up the point of an electric weapon; an attack made with the point (ie. a thrust)
Point in Line
A position in which the fencer's arm is extended, with the point of the blade threatening a target.
The fastener that holds the grip to the blade and also acts as a counter balance to the blade.
A grouping of fencers or teams in a competition.
French for "pool."
A non-threatening action intended to create the opening for an attack; the initial phase of an attack, before right-of-way is established.
Offering one's blade for engagement by the opponent.
An attempt to push the opponent's blade aside or out of line; depending on the opponent's response, the press is followed by a direct or indirect attack.
The first guard or parry, in a high line on the side away from the sword arm, with the wrist pronated.
Principle of Defence
The use of forte against foible when parrying.
Principle of Defense
Opposing the forte to the opponent's foible.
In sabre, the now-superceded rules that decide which fencer will be awarded the touch in the event that they both attack simultaneously; also used synonymously with right-of-way.
Prise De Fer
Also taking the blade; an engagement of the blades that forces the opponent's weapon into a new line. See: bind, croise, envelopment, opposition.
Progressive Actions
A series of actions in which the sword point moves continually towards the target.
A position in which the knuckles of the sword hand are pointing upward.
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