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In Line
Descriptive of an extended sword arm that threatens the opponent.
In Quartata
A counter-attack made with a quarter turn to the inside, concealing the front but exposing the back.
In Time
At least one fencing time before the opposing action, especially with regards to a stop-hit.
One of two mathematical methods used to determine seedings after early rounds of competition. The first indicator is the ratio of victories to fights. The second indicator is the number of hits scored minus the number of hits received.
Descriptive of an offensive action initiated by disengaging and then passing the blade under or over the opponent's blade.
Inside Line
Any line on the same side as the sword arm.
Forcing an attack through the parry.
Insufficient Parry
A parry that fails to deflect the attacking blade.
A counter-attack that intercepts and checks an indirect attack or other disengagement.
A line that is intentionally left open to encourage the opponent to attack.
Italian Grip
A traditional hilt with finger rings and crossbar.
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