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An action that is intended to fail, but draw a predicted reaction from the opponent; also, the back edge of a sabre blade.
An attack into one line with the intention of switching to another line before the attack is completed.
Fencing Time
Also temps d'escrime; the time required to complete a single, simple fencing action.
Federation Internationale d'Escrime, the world governing body of fencing.
Finta in Tempo
Lit. "feint in time"; a feint of counter-attack that draws a counter-time parry, which is decieved; a compound counter-attack.
The sword-arm side of the fencer's body.
A running attack initiated by a leap off the front foot, followed by an attempt to make a hit, after which the attacker runs past his opponent.
A cut-like action that lands with the point, often involving some whip of the foible of the blade to "throw" the point around a block or other obstruction.
Floor Judge
One of two officials who watch for floor hits in an epee bout without a metallic piste.
An antiquated fencing style where a secondary weapon or other instrument is used in the off hand.
Flying Parry or Riposte
A parry with a backwards glide and riposte by cut-over.
The flexible half of the blade farthest from the hilt; the weakest area of the blade.
A thrusting weapon used in competition that allows valid touches only with the tip of the blade. The target area comprises the torso, both front and back, and the groin. Touches to other parts of the body are off target.
The half of the blade nearest to the hilt; the strongest area of the blade.
French Grip
A traditional hilt with a slightly curved grip and a large pommel.
An attack that displaces the opponent's blade by a strong grazing action.
The groove that runs down a sword blade to reduce weight.
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