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Electrical Apparatus
The equipment that registers valid hits through a connection with the fencers' body wires. Red and green lights signal valid hits. In foil, a white light signals a non-valid hit.
En Finale
Descriptive of a parry made at the last possible instant.
En Garde
Also On Guard; the fencing position; the stance that fencers assume when preparing to fence.
When the blades are in contact with each other, eg. during a parry, attack au fer, prise de fer, or coule'.
Taking the foible of the opponent's blade through a complete circle, back to the original line of engagement.
An engagement that sweeps the opponent's blade through a full circle.
A weapon with a blade triangular in cross-section and heavier than that of the foil. The epee has a large, cup-shaped guard that protects the hand and forearm. The target area in foil competition includes the entire body, and there is no right of way rule.
To straighten the sword arm in the direction of the target.
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