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To evade the opponent.
Avoidance of an attempt to engage the blades; see disengage, coupe'
Deception of the attack au fer or prise de fer.
The situation in which both blades break contact.
Extension of the sword arm as part of a lunge.
Diagonal Parry
A parry in which the opponent's blade is moved from high to low, or vice versa, on the opposite side. See also croise.
A simple attack or riposte that finishes in the same line in which it was formed, with no feints out of that line.
The referee of a match.
A circular movement of the blade that deceives the opponent's parry, removes the blades from engagement, or changes the line of engagement.
Turning or ducking to move a valid target area from its normal position, replacing it with a non-valid area.
In epee, two attacks that arrive within 40-50 ms of each other.
Double Action
Offensive actions made by both fencers simultaneously.
Double Defeat
If both fencers have received the same number of hits after time has expired in an epee competition, a defeat is scored against each of them.
Double Hit
The situation when each competitor scores a hit on the other simultaneously in epee.
Double Time
Descriptive of a parry or riposte performed as two distinct actions.
An attack or riposte that describes a complete circle around the opponent's blade, and finishes in the opposite line.
Also "dui tempo"; parry-riposte as two distinct actions.
Descriptive of a match that has no electrical judging apparatus.
Duration of Bout
The actual fencing time, recorded by a clock that is started at the beginning of a bout, stopped each time action is halted, and re-started when the bout resumes.
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