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The rhythm of a sequence of movements.
Ceding Parry
A parry that's executed by giving way to an opponent.
Change Beat
A beat made after passing over or under the opponent's blade.
Change of Engagement
A re-engagement of the opponent's blade on the opposite side by passing over or under.
Change of Line
Movement of the blade from high to low or from outside to inside.
Circular Parry
A parry made with a circular movement of the sword point.
Close Quarters
A situation in which the two fencers are close to one another but still able to wield their weapons.
Close the Line
To block the opponent's attack.
Command the Blade
To grab the opponent's blade with the off-hand, an illegal action.
Commanding the Blade
Grabbing the opponent's blade with the off-hand, illegal in sport fencing.
Also composed; an action executed in two or more movements; an attack or riposte incorporating one or more feints.
Compound Action
Two or more actions performed together as one continuous action.
Compound Attack
An attack with two or more movements, each of which follows a feint.
Compound Riposte
A riposte that involves one or more feints.
The rules governing fencing for a specific weapon.
The back-and-forth play of the blades in a fencing match, composed of phrases (phrases d'armes) punctuated by gaps of no blade action.
The bell-shaped guard of a foil or epee.
Corps a Corps
Bodily contact between fencers; the French for "body to body."
Lit. "body-to-body"; physical contact between the two fencers during a bout, illegal in foil and sabre.
A straight thrust on which the blade grazes lightly down the opponent's blade.
Also graze, glise', or glissade; an attack or feint that slides along the opponent's blade.
Counter Attack
An attack made immediately after avoiding or stopping an opponent's attack.
An offensive action made against the right-of-way, or in response to the opponent's attack.
A disengage in the opposite direction, to deceive the counter-parry.
A parry made in the opposite line to the attack; ie. the defender first comes around to the opposite side of the opponent's blade.
An attack made immediately after parrying the opponent's riposte or counter-riposte.
An attack that responds to the opponent's counter-attack, typically a riposte following the parry of the counter-attack.
Coup Lance'
A launched hit; an attack that starts before a stop in play but lands after. Valid for normal halts, but not valid at end of time.
Coup LancÚ
An attack that begins before a stop in play but results in a hit afterward. It's not valid if time has run out, but it counts if play was stopped for any other reason. (French for "launched hit.")
See cut-over.
Coupe Double
A double hit.
Also cut-over; an attack or deception that passes around the opponent's tip.
To close a line to the attacker.
The action of taking the opponent's foible on the forte and moving the opponent's from high to low, or vice versa, on the side of engagement. See also diagonal parry.
An advance or retreat by crossing one leg over the other; also passe' avant (forward cross), passe' arriere (backwards cross).
Crosse Grip
A moulded grip that has protrusions to protect the fingers on foils and epees.
An attack made with a chopping motion of the blade, normally landing with the edge.
The act of passing the blade over the opponent's point.
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