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Back Edge
The edge of a sabre blade opposite the cutting edge.
An archaic, edged, unpointed sword used in prizefighting; also singlestick.
A forward hop or jump, typically followed by an attack such as a lunge or fleche.
A fight-off to break a tie.
Baudry Point
A safety collar placed around a live epee point to prevent dangerous penetration.
A type of electrical connector for foil and sabre.
An attempt to knock the opponent's blade aside or out of line by using one's foible or middle against the opponent's foible.
An attachment to the mask that protects the neck and throat area.
An action in which the opponent's blade is forced into the diagonally opposite line.
Black Card
Used to indicate the most serious offences in a fencing competition. The offending fencer is usually expelled from the event or tournament.
The part of a fencing weapon that extends beyond the guard.
Body Wire
Wire that's worn beneath the clothing to connect the fencer's sword to electrical scoring apparatus.
A fencing fight for a specific number of hits, usually five touches in six minutes.
Break Ground
To step back.
Any sword intended for cutting instead of thrusting; sabre.
Broken Time
A sudden change in the tempo of one fencer's actions, used to fool the opponent into responding at the wrong time.
The safety tip on the end of practice and sporting swords.
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