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Universal suffix on the end of any Australian male's name when given praise or encouragement, such as "Top hit, Steve-o!" or "C'mon Rob-o, put it past him!" or "Great base running, Dave-o!"
On-base Against
(H + BB = HBP)/(AB + BB + HBP + SF)
On-base percentage plus slugging percentage.
Obp+Slug (Ops)
On-base percentage plus slugging percentage.
Outfield Assists
Offensive Winning Percentage (Owp)
The Winning Percentage a team of nine Fred McGriffs (or anybody) would compile against average pitching and defense. The formula: (Runs Created per 27 outs) divided by the League average of runs scored per game. Square the result and divide it by (1+itself).
On Base Percentage
(Hits plus Walks plus Hit by Pitcher) divided by (At Bats plus Walks plus Hit by Pitcher plus Sacrifice Flies).
On Base Percentage (Obp)
Represents the number of times the player reaches base compared to the number of plate appearances. The higher the number the better. Formula: (Hits + Walks + Times Hit by Pitch) / (At Bats + Walks + Times Hit by Pitch + Sacrifice Flys) Denominator expanded to include sacrifice flys in 1984
On Deck
A term used to refer to the next batter up in the inning. This person stands in a designated circular area and warms up before batting.
On his Horse
Phrase commonly used to describe an outfielder running after a fly ball.
On the Screws
When a batter hits the ball hard. Also "on the button."
Opponent Batting Average
Hits Allowed divided by (Batters Faced minus Walks minus Hit Batsmen minus Sacrifice Hits minus Sacrifice Flies minus Catcher's Interference).
Notre Dame has faced 267 different opponents entering its 109th year of varsity baseball. James Madison, Florida International, Missouri and Oakland were first-time opponents in 1999, followed by North Florida and Akron in 2000. Potential first-time opponents in 2001 include Bucknell, Florida Atlantic, New Mexico, Pacific, Sam Houston State and South Florida. Notre Dame's most common all-time opponents: Northwestern (130 games), Michigan State (125), Western Michigan (121), Wisconsin (118), Purdue (114) and Michigan (113). Noteworthy teams that Notre Dame has yet to face: Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and UC Santa Barbara.
On-base Plus Slugging Percentage
A player who is still on the 40-man roster but not on the 25-man roster or the disabled list is on an optional assignment to the minor leagues. One of the more complicated matters in baseball, options can be simply explained. A player has three years after he is added to the 40-man roster in which he can be sent to the minors without being removed from the roster, these are option years. An option is used every year such a player is sent down unless the player remains in the minors for less than 10 days in each stint. A player "out-of-options" has exhausted his option years. There are many exceptions to this rule however. If a player has not been on the major-league roster during the season during his career, then he can have a fourth option year. Players with at least five years of major-league experience who haven't been optioned to the minors three times may be optioned to the minors and still remain on the 40-man roster, but must give their permission.
Out in Order
Retiring the first 3 batters in an inning.
Area between the back edge of the infield and home run fence.
A fielder who occupies a position in the outfield, which is the playing field most distance from home base.
Outfielder Hold Percentage
A statistic used to evaluate outfielders' throwing arms. "Hold Percentage" is computed by dividing extra bases taken (by baserunners) by the number of opportunities. For example, if a single is lined to center field with men on first and second, and one man scores while the other stops at second, that is one extra base taken on two opportunities, a 50.0 hold percentage.
When a player is sent outright or outrighted to the minors, then he has cleared procedural waivers and been removed from the 40-Man roster. A player may be outrighted once in his career without a choice. After the first time, the player may choose to accept the assignment and report or refuse the assignment and opt for free agency. After the assignment is made, the player has 72 hours to make a decision about his status. Players who are outrighted to the minors may return to the major-leagues by having their contract purchased or being signed to a major-league contract with another team as a free agent. If the player has five years of service time, he may reject his assignment regardless of whether it is his first outright.
Number of Outs Resulting from a Ball Hit to a Player
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