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Nail Down
As in "nail down a victory." Refers to a relief pitcher finishing off the game.
Namesake, Part Ii
There is one known grandfather-grandson combination in Notre Dame baseball history. Third baseman Dennis O'Keefe captained the Notre Dame baseball team in the early 1930s while O'Keefe's grandson, Pat O'Keefe, lettered as an outfielder with the Notre Dame baseball program in 1996 and '97.
Ncaa Stat Champions
Four Notre Dame players have ranked first in an official NCAA season statistic: Shaun Fitzmaurice (0.34 triples/gm, '64), Dan Peltier (32 doubles, '89) and Scott Sollmann (11 triples, '95) and Aaron Heilman (1.61 ERA, '98)
No Decision (Nd)
The result when a starter is credited with neither a win nor a loss.
No Hitter
A game in which a pitcher does not allow the opposing team to reach a base via a safe hit.
None on/Out
Refers to situation when there are no outs and the bases are empty (generally leadoff situations).
None on/Runners on
Describes the status of the baserunners
Number of Pitches Thrown
Number of Pitches
This section shows the results of balls put into play while his pitch count was in that range.
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