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Major Studies
The academic achievement of the Notre Dame baseball team is all the more noteworthy when considering the challenging majors being pursued by many of the team members, most notably: senior lefthander Mike Naumann (science pre-professional), junior DH Ken Meyer (civil engineering) and sophomore righthander Brandon Viloria (electrical engineering).
Baserunners per 9 Innings
An easy pitch to hit, usually right down the middle of the plate.
Media Guide Awards
The Notre Dame baseball media guide recently has ranked among the best in the nation, according to annual judging coordinated by the College Sports Information Directors of America (in conjunction with the College Baseball Writer's Association). The 1998 Notre Dame baseball media guide was judged second-best in the nation while the 1999 guide was rated third-best (the 2000 guide earned best-in-the-district honors).
Mendoza Line
A batting average of around .200.
Noun, usually said by the fielding side, indicating the number of outs: "Two missing, get this one and we bat!!"
Mlb Zone
Major League Average Zone Rating for that Position
Monogram Club
Several former Irish baseball players have gone on to serve on the board of directors for the Notre Dame National Monogram Club. Former outfielder Pat Eilers ('89) completed his three-year stint on the board in 2000 while former leftfielder Bob Senecal ('56-'58) is a board member through 2002. Former Notre Dame pitcher Robert "Buster" Lopes ('83-'85) served his three-year term on the Monogram Club board from '96-'99. NAMESAKE: Former Notre Dame student Lou Sockalexis never lettered in baseball at Notre Dame, but he had a lasting impact on Major League baseball. As one of the finest Native American athletes in the nation in the early 1900s, Sockalexis played for the Cleveland team known as the Spiders. He overcame heckling of fans to have a successful rookie season. When it was decided in 1915 to give the franchise a permanent nickname, the chosen name honored this favorite ex-player, and the Cleveland "Indians" name has stuck ever since, making Sockalexis the first true Cleveland Indian.
Moon Shot
A very long, high home run.
Mound Hill
The pitcher stands on while pitching.
Woodside Bottom
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