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Losses Pct. = Winning Percentage
Late & Close
A Late & Close situation meets the following requirements: (1)the game is in the seventh inning or later, and (2)the batting team is either leading by one run, tied, or has the potential tying run on base, at bat, or on deck. Note: This situation is very similar to the characteristics of a Save Situation.
The distance a player puts between himself and the base when the team is NOT playing ‘tight’ bases.
Lead Runner
The player occupying or advancing toward the base that is closes to home plate.
Leadoff on Base %
The On-Base Percentage of a player when batting first in the batting order.
Leadoff on Base%
The On-Base Percentage of a player when batting first in the batting order.
Leadoff Player
This is the first player in the batting order.
Refers to how good a player plays defensively or handles the glove. Ex: "He flashed some leather on that play."
Leave the Rubbish
Don't swing at bad pitches.
Left on Base
Runners stranded on base after three outs.
Minor League Level
Line Drive
A ball hit in the air at a low projectory directly to a fielder or through the infield.
A team’s batting order and fielding positions.
Late Inning Pressure Situations
Loaded Bases
Bases Loaded. (Australian baseballers always place the adjective first here).
Left On Base
Slow, descending pitch, easy to hit, usually unintentional.
Losses (L)
Number of games a particular pitcher's performance resulted in a loss.
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