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Innings Per Games Started
Intentional Bases on Ball
In the Centre
An expression used by the offensive team to tell a base runner when the ball is in the possession of the pitcher, so the runner will not get picked off.
In the Hole
The player who takes a turn at-bat second after the current batter.
In Zone
Balls Hit in the Player's Area
Area 90í square with the corners being the four bases.
Infield Fly Rule
With runners on first and second base, or the bases loaded and zero or one out, a ball hit in the air that does not go past the infield (or fifteen feet into the outfield). The batter is automatically declared out, thus preventing the fielders from purposely dropping the fly ball in an attempt to force out runners.
Fielder who occupies a position in the infield. Most commonly refers to the first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, and shortstop.
Information Age
Notre Dame baseball fans can follow the team on the official website (und.com). Real-time stats for home games are available, as well as real-audio broadcasts, player features, press releases, game stories, photos, historical archives and a wide variety of other information.
Inherited Runner
Any runner(s) on base when a relief pitcher enters a game are considered "inherited" by that pitcher.
Innings Played
A period of play. There are 9 innings in a regulation game, each team bats in an inning until they record 3 outs. The visiting team always bats in the top half (beginning) of an inning. If the home team has a higher total after their opponents bat in the top half of the last schedule inning, the bottom half of the inning is not played and the score is final. A tie at the end of regulation play forces extra innings. The game continues until an inning is complete and the visitors have a higher score, or until the home team breaks the tie (then) they donít complete the 3 outs.
Inning 1-6 and Inning 7+
There refer to the actual innings in which a pitcher worked.
In baseball it is always "inning" (whether singular or plural. This is an throw back to cricket and many in Australian baseball still add the 's')
Innings Pitched (Inn)
Cumulative number of innings (including fractional innings) pitched by a pitcher.
Innings Pitched (Ip)
Cumulative number of innings (including fractional innings) pitched by a pitcher.
Curve ball moving toward the batter.
Intentional Base on Balls (Ibb)
When a batter is intentionally thrown four balls outside the strike zone.
Intentional Walk
Four balls thrown on purpose to a batter advancing the hitter to first base. Generally, executed when 1st base is empty to set-up a force play.
Innings Pitched
Inherited Runners
Inherited Runs Allowed
Inherited Runners who Scored
Isolated Power
Slugging Percentage minus Batting Average.
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