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Hits Allowed
Hits per Nine Innings
Hard on you
A close ball or strike call from the umpire that is not universally accepted. Can be said by the batting or fielding side. An expression universally disdained by umpires.
Hit Batsmen
Times Hit by Pitches
A good fastball. Also "heater."
High and Tight
Referring to a pitch that's up in the strike zone and inside on a hitter. Also known as "up and in."
High Fives
Well known American sporting gesture of slapping hands with someone turning in a quality teamworking performance. Australian baseball HIGH FIVES are given to the other team at the end of most club games from Tee Ball to Masters. Each team completes the RAH RAHs and then forms a single line to HIGH FIVE or shake the hand of the other team, no matter what the outcome. While some senior clubs may not choose to do RAH RAHs, everyone participates in HIGH FIVES.
Pitcher's mound.
A play in which the batter safely reaches a base after hitting the ball, without aid from a fielding error or fielder’s choice.
Hit and Run
Play-action situation in which the batter must swing at the pitch while the base runner attempts to steal the base.
Hit by Pitch (Hbp)
Number of times a batter is struck by a pitch.
Hit Him Out!
Yelled by batting team to batter, meaning for the batter to obtain a major hit at the pitcher's expense.
Hit-me Pitch
A pitch that is good to hit. Usually referred to in the past tense as "He threw me a real "hit-me" pitch."
Hits or Hits against (H)
Number of hits a batter safely reaches a base on not including walks or sacrifices. For pitchers, the number of hits given up while pitching.
Home Runs at Home
A Hold is credited any time a relief pitcher enters a game in a Save Situation (see definition below), records at least one out, and leaves the game never having relinquished the lead. Note: a pitcher cannot finish the game and receive credit for a Hold, nor can he earn a hold and a save.
Similar to 'run' as in "How many did we get home?"
Home Plate
The fourth station to be reached by the runner. The offensive team is credited with one run every time a player safely crosses this base. A pitched ball must cross the plate when thrown by the pitchers to be credited as a strike on the batter.
Home Run
A ball hit out of the playing field in fair territory. A home run scores the batter and any base runners.
Home Runs (Hr)
Number of hits that resulted in a home run.
A home run. Other terms include: blast, dinger, dong, four-bagger, four-base knock, moon shot, tape-measure blast and tater.
Left handed batter, announced as "Hookie!" or by swallowing the first consonant " 'ookeeeee!". Called by fielding side so outfielders can shift to the left side.
Hot Corner
Third base.
How many are we?
What is the score?
Home Runs Allowed
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