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Number of Games at Position
Ratio of Grounders to Fly Balls
Game Score
A pitcher's Game Score is determined as follows: (1)Start with 50. (2)Add 1 point for eachout recorded by the starting pitcher. (3)Add 2 points for each inning the pitcher completes after the fourth inning. (4)Add one point for each strikeout.(5)Subtract 2 points for each hit allowed. (6)Subtract 4 points for each earned run allowed.(7)Subtract 2 points for an unearned run.(8)Subtract 1 point for a walk. If the starting pitcher scores over 50 and loses, it is a Tough Loss. If he wins with a game score under 50, it's a Cheap Win.
Game-Ending Home Runs
Junior shortstop Alec Porzel has made a name for himself when it comes to game-ending home runs. In addition to his 10th-inning blast vs. Pittsburgh (11-8) on May 7, 2000, Porzel also beat the Panthers with a first-pitch, walkoff home run to cap the '99 Pittsburgh series (3-2, in the ninth). As a freshman, he ended the longest game in Eck Stadium history with a 15th-inning homer vs. West Virginia (5-3). Most recently, Porzel's first career grand slam broke an 7-7 tie in the eighth inning of the 15-7 BIG EAST Tournament win over Pittsburgh. HERING - Frank Hering was the first baseball coach at Notre Dame (1897-99) and the first paid football coach. More importantly, he unknowingly helped launch many a greeting card company by proposing an annual "Mother's Day" at his lodge in 1904. President Woodrow Wilson eventually made Mother's Day part of the nation's calendar, and it was adopted officially by Congress a few years later.
Games (G)
Number of games the player has played in.
Games Started (Gs)
Number of games a player was in the lineup when the first pitch was thrown.
See "alley." A ball hit here is a "gapper."
Groundballs Hit Against the Pitcher (hits, outs and errors)
Times Grounded into Double Plays
Gdp Per Gdp Situation
A GDP situation exists any time there is a man on first with less than two outs. This statistic measures how often a player grounds into a double play in that situation.
Get Ahead Right Here!
Encouragement to pitcher from fielders.
Get Dirty!
Exclamation - emphatic and hysterical instruction to slide or dive back to a base or face the humiliation of being tagged out.
Ratio of Grounders to Flies
Grounded Into Double Plays
Ground Outs
Go-Ahead Rbi
Any time a player drives in a run which gives his team the lead, he is credited with a go-ahead RBI.
Ground Outs/ Fly Outs Ratio
Called by catcher, second baseman or first baseman to alert the fielders when a runner attempts to steal.
Reference to 'out' used by fielding team as in "Two gone."
Gopher Ball
A pitch hit for a home run, as in "go for."
Got Home
Scored a run.
Grand Slam
A home run that is hit with a runner on every base. This hit scores 4 runs.
Grass is grass. Turf is artificial turf.
Green Light
Signal from the coach to hit the next good pitch, or a signal to a base runner that gives the runner the authority to decide when to attempt a steal.
Ground Ball
A ball hit in the infield by the batter that bounces in the infield.
Ground into Double Play (Gdp)
Number of times a hitter's at bat resulted in a ground ball, which lead to a double play.
Ground Out to Air Out Ratio (Go/Ao)
Number of times a batter hits ground outs compared to his number of air outs.
Ground Out to Air Out Ratio (Goao)
Number of times a batter hits ground outs compared to his number of air outs.
Ground Outs (Go)
When a player's at bat results in a ground ball that is successfully fielded by the defensive team.
Ground-Rule Double
A ball hit in fair territory that bounces out of the field play. Play is stopped and the batter is given second base. Any runners on base at the time ball was hit are advanced two bases.
Ground/Fly Ratio (Grd/Fly)
Simply a hitter's ground balls divided by his fly balls. All batted balls except line drives and bunts are included.
Groundball/Flyball Ratio
A hitter's stats against pitchers that induce mostly grounders or flies, respectively. If the ratio is less than 1.00, then he is a Flyball hitter. If it is greater than 1.50, he is a Groundball hitter. Anything else is classified as neutral. Same cutoffs apply for classifying pitchers. Anyone with less than 50 plate appearances is automatically neutral.
A ground ball.
Number of Starts
Grand Slam Home Runs
An outfielder's outstanding throwing arm
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