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Earned Run
A run scored on a hit, walk or steal, without benefit from a defensive error on the play.
Earned Run Average
The number of earned runs (runs scored without the benefit of an error) that pitcher allows, multiplied by nine (the number of innings in a regulation game) and divided by the actual number of innings pitched. Ex. Pitcher allows 5 earned runs in 6 innings. ERA = 5 X 9 = 45 / 6 = 7.50 ERA.
Earned Run Average (Era)
Represents the average number of runs given up by a pitcher during a game if that pitcher pitched all nine innings. Formula: (Earned Runs x 9) / (Innings Pitched)
Earned Runs (Er)
Any run that is directly attributable to the pitcher.
Eight(Een) Ks is Enough
Current Irish senior RHP Aaron Heilman (Logansport, Ind.) tied a BIG EAST record and came just shy of the Notre Dame record with an 18-strikeout effort in a 3-1, 10-inning win at West Virginia on April 15, 2000 (the game was scheduled for seven innings). Heilman seemingly became stronger as the game wore on, spotting his tough slider with regularity while delivering a fastball that still touched 91 miles-per-hour in the lategoing. He retired 15 straight batters from the 5th-10th innings and struck out 10 of the final 12 he faced, including seven straight before yielding a single with two outs in the 10th. Kevin Olkowski-who had two of his team's six hits-went down swinging on three pitches to end the game. Heilman's 18 Ks tied the BIG EAST record set by Seton Hall's Jason Grilli in a 7-2 win over Connecticut in '97 (Grilli went on to become the fourth pick in the '97 draft, by the San Francisco Giants). Frank Carpin is the only other Irish pitcher ever to record 18-plus Ks in a game, with 19 in a 10-inning win over Indiana on April 16, 1958 (12-10). Heilman's memorable day included just two walks, with 11 groundball outs and one flyout. All nine Mountaineers starters-plus reserve Matt McGee-were K victims.
Earned Runs Allowed
Earned Run Average
A miscue or mistake by a defensive player that allows a runner to reach a base when they would normally been out.
Error (E)
When a fielder misplays a ball hit at him, which under normal circumstances would result in an out.
Expanded Rosters
Active rosters must be set at 25 the midnight before the first major-league game that counts in the standings. The active roster may be expanded to as much as 40 after August 31. After the last game of the regular season, all 40-man rosters players become a part of the active roster until the following opening day. 40-man Rosters must be set by November 20 to protect minor-leaguers from the Rule 5 Draft.
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