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C'mon, Talk it Up!
An admonishment to a team from a coach or leading player, to make encouraging noise in support of a side or player. In club baseball this is usually called by the batting side, as they are together on the bench.
Cactus League
A term used to describe the major league teams which conduct spring training and play exhibition games in the U.S. southwest.
Called Game
A game suspended or ended by the umpire.
Can of Corn
An easy catch by a fielder.
Captain, my Captain
Former Notre Dame shortstop Craig Counsell and his father John are the only father/son combination to captain the same team sport at Notre Dame (John as a rightfielder in 1964, Craig in 1992).
A catch is valid if the fielder holds the ball long enough to prove that he has complete control of the ball, and that the release of the ball is voluntary and intentional.
Player positioned behind home plate and responsible for receiving the pitch from the pitcher.
Catcher's Box
The area behind home plate in which the catcher must stand until the pitcher delivers the ball.
Catcher's Era
The Earned Run Average of a club's pitchers with a particular catcher behind the plate. To figure this for a catcher, multiply the Earned Runs Allowed by the pitchers while he was catching times nine and divide that by his number of Innings Caught.
Catcher’s Box
Area behind home plate in which the catcher must stand until the pitcher delivers the ball.
Caught Looking
When a batter is called out on strikes.
Caught on a....
Phrase explaining how a batter got out eg. "He was caught on a fly" or "He got caught out on a foul."
Caught Stealing (Cs)
A runner is caught stealing when, during an errorless play, he is: thrown out while trying to steal a base picked off a base while trying to advance overslides while stealing and is put out
Last place. Also "basement."
Complete Games
Complete Game Losses
Change Up
A slow-pitch thrown with the exact arm action as a fastball, designed to disrupt the timing of the hitter.
Checked Swing
A partial swing. If the swing has gone more than halfway around, the umpire can rule it a full swing, or strike.
Also "good cheese." Refers to a good fastball.
Chin Music
A pitch that is high and inside.
Gripping the bat up on the handle away from the knob of the bat.
Circus Catch
An outstanding catch by a fielder.
Clean-Up Hitter
Player who hits fourth in the batting order.
Cleanup Slugging %
The Slugging Percentage of a player when batting fourth in the batting order.
Cleanup Slugging%
The Slugging Percentage of a player when batting fourth in the batting order.
Relief pitcher who specialises in pitching the last few outs of a game. General used to hold a lead in the late innings of a game.
This category shows a player's batting average in the late innings of close games: the seventh inning or later with the batting team ahead by one, tied, or has the tying run on base, at bat or on deck.
Clutch Hitter
A player known for his ability to get a hit in crucial game situations.
Coaching Connections
Several former Notre Dame baseball players currently are involved in college coaching, including: J.J. Brock (Ohio University graduate assistant), Cory Mee (Michigan State assistant), Steve Whitmyer (Navy head coach) and Wally Widelski (Notre Dame volunteer assistant). Whitmyer-in his first year at Navy after a stint as an assistant at Virginia-will have the chance to coach versus his alma mater this season, when Notre Dame and Navy tangle at the Fresno State Classic (March 13).
Complete Game
Statistical credit to a starting pitcher for pitching the entire game.
Complete Game Frequency
Complete Games divided by Games Started.
Complete Games (Cg)
When a starting pitcher records all 27 outs. Game may end in a win or a loss.
Conference Winning Pct.
Over the course of its first five BIG EAST seasons (1996-2000), Notre Dame ranks first in the 11-member conference with: a .705 overall winning percentage (215-90, Rutgers is second at .634), a .736 BIG EAST regular-season winning percentage (81-29, Rutgers is second at .713) and a .702 winning percentage in combined BIG EAST regular-season and tournament games (92-39, Rutgers is second at .690). St. John's owns the best BIG EAST Tournament winning pct. during the past five seasons (.600, 10-6), followed by Notre Dame at .524 (11-10). The double-elimination tournament has been the ultimate bugaboo for Notre Dame, with the same team providing the Irish losses during each of the first three seasons (WVU in '96, Villanova in '97, Rutgers in '98) before the Irish were beaten by complete game-efforts from Seton Hall and Providence in '99, followed by a pair of losses to Boston College in 2000. DOUBLE-DOUBLE - The 1999 Irish baseball and softball teams combined for an .878 (36-5) winning percentage in BIG EAST regular-season play, the best combined winning percentage by one school since the league began sponsoring softball in '92. The softball team went 16-0 for the first undefeated season in BIG EAST history and the baseball team went 20-5 (no other BIG EAST baseball team ever has totaled more than 18 wins). Notre Dame became the first BIG EAST school ever to post the top regular-season winning percentages in baseball and softball in the same season.
Control Pitcher
Phrase used to describe a pitcher who records less base on balls than most other pitchers.
The number of called balls and strikes on a hitter.
Crowding the Plate
When a player moves up close to the plate, either to increase his chances of walking or his ability to hit an outside pitch.
Times Caught Stealing
Pitch that moves down, across, or down and across, depending upon the rotation of the ball.
Cut-Off Player
The player who cuts-off a throw from the outfield.
A cut fastball (one with a late break to it).
Cy Young Award
Awarded annually to the pitcher who demonstrates the most outstanding performance in the major leagues, as voted by the Baseball Writers Association of America.
When a batter hits a single, double, triple and home run in the same game.
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