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Ba Scpos Allowed
Batting Average Allowed with Runners in Scoring Position.
Exclamation - emphatic instruction to runner about to be picked off base, when the pitcher or catcher is throwing to the base. Usually shrieked at the top of one's voice, by base coaches and/or team mates.
Backdoor Slider
A pitch that appears to be out of the strike zone, but then breaks back over the plate.
Fence or wall behind home plate.
The soft, white thing used to mark a base. Usually canvas or vinyl stuffed with straw.
An illegal movement by a pitcher. Balks are called for various reasons, typically if a pitcher, with runners on base, begins his motion towards home plate to throw a pitch and then stops before delivering the ball. A balk results in runners moving up one base.
(Call of Umpire) A pitch outside the strike zone.
Balls Out!
Called by umpire to tell fielding side to throw practice balls back into the dugout as the inning is about to start.
Baltimore Chop
A ground ball that hits in front of home plate (or off of it) and takes a large hop over the infielder's head.
A small ballpark that favors hitters.
Bang-Bang Play
A play in which the baserunner hits the bag a split-second before the ball arrives or vice versa.
One of four stations to be reached in turn by the runner.
Base Coach
A coach who stands by first or third base. The base coaches instruct the batter and base runners with a series of hand signals.
Base Hit
A play in which the batter hits the ball in fair territory and reaches at least first base before being thrown out.
Base Line
The white chalk lines that extend from home plate through first and third base to the outfield and up the foul poles, inside which a batted ball is in fair territory and outside of which it is in foul territory.
Base on Balls
Also commonly referred to as a "walk". When a batter receives four pitches that are out of the strike zone, he is awarded first base.
Base on Balls (Bb)
When a batter is awarded first base as a result of four balls being pitched outside the strike zone.
Base Runner
An offensive player who has successfully reached base or its attempting to reach base.
[1] A game played with a bat and ball by two opposing teams of nine players, each team playing alternately in the field and at bat, the players at bat having to run a course of four bases laid out in a diamond pattern in order to score.

[2] The ball that is used in this game. [3]A game of darts in which the players attempt to score points by throwing the darts at a target laid out in the form of a baseball diamond.
Baserunners Per Nine Innings
These are the hits, walks and hit batsmen allowed per nine innings.
Bases Empty
No runner on the bases.
Bases Loaded
This category shows a player's batting average in bases loaded situation.
Basket Catch
When a fielder catches a ball with his glove near belt level.
Instrument used by the hitter while batting. In the ABL bats made of aluminium or wood. The bat must be no longer than 42 inches and no wider then 2 3/4 inches. Players are allowed to cover the first 8 inches of the bat’s handle so they can grip it better.
Bat on Ball
Form of encouragement called out to a batter, often with a proper noun as in "C'mon, bat on ball, Bazza!"
An offensive player who takes his position in the batter’s box.
Batter's Box
The area beside home plate in which the batter must stand while at bat. The batter cannot leave his position in the batter's box after the pitcher comes to the set position or begins his windup.
Batters Box
An area drawn to the left and right of home plate in which the batter must stand when addressing the pitcher. The pitcher may not throw the ball until the batter is in the batters box and ‘ready’.
Term referring to the pitcher and catcher combination.
Batter’s Box
An area marked by white chalk lines on the left and right side of home plate in which a player must stand while batting.
Batting Average
The percentage of a player's official at bats that results in a hit. Divide total hits by total at bats. A good batter hits around .300 or higher.
Batting Average (Avg)
Number of base hits per at bat. Naturally, a higher number is better. Formula: (Base Hits) / (At Bats)
Batting Order
A list of players and the order in which they will bat. This order cannot be changed once the game begins. Dang! Substitute players must take the batting place in the order of the player substituted.
Bases on Balls (Walks)
Walks per Nine Innings
A pitch that is intentionally thrown at the batter, generally when the batter is "crowding the plate." A power play by the pitcher.
At a disadvantage; describes a team that is losing, or a batter who has a count with more strikes than balls. Conversely, when a pitcher has thrown more balls than strikes, he is considered behind the hitter.
Bequeathed Runners
Any runner(s) on base when a pitcher leaves a game are considered bequeathed to the departing hurler; the opposite of inherited runners (see below).
Batters Facing Pitchers
Runs Batted In
Big East Record Book
In five seasons as a member of the BIG EAST Conference, Notre Dame already has made its mark in the league's baseball record book. Notre Dame in 1999 became the first-and still only-BIG EAST team ever to win more than 18 conference games (20-5) while the '99 Irish pitching staff set a BIG EAST record with 199 strikeouts in conference play. Four former Notre Dame players rank among the top 17 players on the BIG EAST list for career batting average in conference games (min. 150 ABs): 2B/CF Randall Brooks (3rd, .418, 69-for-165, '96-'97), IF Brant Ust (5th, .413, 100-for-242, '97-'99), IF J.J. Brock (12th, .399, 89-for-223, '96-'98) and C/DH Jeff Wagner (17th, .390, 98-for-251, '96-'99). Ust is the only player ranked in the BIG EAST career top 10 for conference batting average, home runs (6th, 19) and RBI (10th, 71). Wagner's 24 home runs in BIG EAST regular-season play trail only former Seton Hall great Mo Vaughn (26) in BIG EAST history and he is tied for third with 83 career RBI in BIG EAST play.
Big East Record Book, Part Ii
Irish senior Aaron Heilman ranks 10th in BIG EAST history with a 2.84 ERA in BIG EAST regular-season play (min. 70 IP) and third in wins (15, two back of Providence great Todd Incantalupo) and Ks (143, one back of former Boston College pitcher Doug MacNeil, 21 behind Seton Hall recordholder Jason Grilli's '95-'97 total) and 10th in complete games (10, Incantalupo holds the record with 15). Former Irish pitcher Darin Schmalz ('96-'97, 2.74) ranks eighth on the ERA list and is tied for 10th with 10 career BIG EAST complete games, while Alex Shilliday ('96-'99) ranks fourth in conference wins (14), fifth in starts (22) and 10th in Ks (119). John Corbin saved seven BIG EAST games from 1999-2000 (fourth all-time) while Heilman is seventh on that list (five).
Former 1B Joe Binkiewicz is assured a place in Notre Dame lore with two amazing hitting records. In a game versus Evansville on April 6, 1991, he became the fifth Irish player to hit three home runs in a game before repeating the feat 12 days later against Michigan. In between those games, "Bink" hit a monstrous home run over the 40-foot centerfield wall at South Bend's Coveleski Stadium. The wall (405 feet from home plate) had never previously been cleared by any player since its opening in '88.
Western Australian state team (derived from the black and gold state colours and state symbol, the black swan). Also, less common term used - "Black".
A fly ball that lands in between the infielders and outfielders.
A weakly hit fly ball
Blown Saves
This is charged any time a pitcher comes into a game where a save situation is in place and he loses the lead.
Umpire, because of blue umpire's uniform, even used when the umpire is not wearing blue. Victorian Baseball Association umpire, Greg Howard, has the car number plates "HEYBLU"!
Box Score
The progression of the game as written in a series of boxes indicating hits, runs, errors and player substitutions of each inning played.
Breaking Ball
An off-speed pitch that curves.
Bronx Cheer
When the crowd boos.
A pitch that nearly hits a batter.
Area designated for pitchers to warm-up. Generally consists of two mounds and two home plates.
Hitting the ball softly and very, very, short. This is usually done to advance the base runners. A batter squares his body to the pitcher and lays the bat out horizontally. Upon contact with the pitch, the batter absorbs the energy of the ball, resulting in the ball falling to the ground with little or no momentum.
Also "bush league." An amateur play or behavior.
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