All Gambling Terms Dictionary

Rating [Roulette]
Evaluating the player's action for the purposes of comps.
Rating Card [Roulette]
The card used for rating a player.
Rating Killer [Wrestling]
One or more wrestlers that decrease TV Nielson ratings.
Rating Marker [Golf]
A permanent marker indicating the point at the front of the teeing ground from which distance to the green is measured.
Ratings [General]
Tipsters may determine a set of ratings which reflect, in their opinion, each runner's chance of winning a particular race. They may take a number of factors into account when preparing them.
Ratlines [Sailing]
Small lines tied between the shrouds to use as a ladder when going aloft.
Rattle [Horse Racing]
Used in the expression He likes to hear his feet rattle, a horse that likes a firm turf course.
Rauchköcher [Archery]
An arrow quiver of the 'Landsknechte', covered with fur and containing arrows up to 100 cm long with their heads pointing upwards.
Raylor [Golf]
Airway metal club of approximately 19 degrees of loft made popular by TaylorMade.
Razz [Poker]
Seven-card stud lowball.
Rbi [Baseball]
Runs Batted In. This is a statistic that is kept on each batter for hits that results in a run being scored, irregardless if they reach base safely.
Rc [Blackjack]
The acronym for Running Count.
Rc/27 [Baseball]
Runs Created per 27 outs
Rd [Baseball]
Home Runs on the Road
Rdf [Sailing]
Radio direction finder. An instrument that can determine the direction that a radio transmission is coming from. The RDF is used with a radio beacon to find a radio bearing to help determine the vessel's position.
Re [Blackjack]
An abbreviation for regarding.
Re-Buy [Poker]
To purchase additional chips after an initial buy-in, usually after losing most or all of the previous buy-in.
Re-Buy Tournament [Poker]
A tournament in which players are permitted to re-buy, as opposed to a freeze-out tournament.
Re-Grasp [Gymnastics]
The act of grabbing the bar again after releasing from it.
Re-Raise [Poker]
Any raise after the first raise in a round. Player A bets, player B raises, player C (or A) re-raises. See also cap and check-raise.
Re-Straddle [Poker]
Over blind. In a traveling blind game with four blinds, the re-straddle is put in by the player three positions to the left of the dealer.
Reach for One's Chips [Poker]
Make a move toward one's chips, presumably with the intention of betting. Usually said by someone about another betting in a situation in which the first has no intention of calling. For example, the first player passes, and before the second can bet, the first dumps his cards, saying, "All you had to do was reach for your chips." Also rattle one's chips.
Reaching [Sailing]
Any point of sail with the wind coming from the side of the boat. If the wind is coming from directly over the side, it is a beam reach. If the boat is pointed with its bow more directly into the wind it is a close reach. If the wind is coming from over the quarter, it is called a broad reach.
Reaction Time [Motor Sports]
In drag racing, the time it takes a driver to react to the green starting light on the Christmas Tree, measured in thousandths of a second. The reaction-time counter begins when the last amber light flashes on the tree and stops when the vehicle clears the staged beam.
Read [Poker]
In a stud game, make a conclusion about another player's holdings based on that player's exposed cards, or, in any game, make such a conclusion based on the player's actions, remarks, betting patterns, etc.
Read Someone's Mail [Poker]
Divine that someone is bluffing. After being caught bluffing, someone might say, "You've been reading my mail."
Read the Green [Golf]
To examine the slope and texture of the green in order to determine what path the ball should take on a putt.
Reader [Poker]
1) Marked cards, particularly those marked with special luminous ink that can be seen only by someone wearing special glasses or contact lenses sensitive to a particular portion of the spectrum. Also known as luminous readers. 2) Pink eye (Infrared (pink- or red-tinted) contact lenses worn by a thief to see the markings on luminous readers, cards marked with special luminous ink that can be seen only in infrared light.)
Readers [Poker]
1) Marked cards, particularly those marked with special luminous ink that can be seen only by someone wearing special glasses or contact lenses sensitive to a particular portion of the spectrum. Also known as luminous readers. 2) Pink eye (Infrared (pink- or red-tinted) contact lenses worn by a thief to see the markings on luminous readers, cards marked with special luminous ink that can be seen only in infrared light.)
Reading the Defense [Football]
Recognition by the quarterback of the defensive formation; he may then call an audible to adjust the offense.
Reading the Green [Golf]
Determining the path which the ball will take on its way to the hole by analyzing the contour and texture of the green.
Reading the Lane [Bowling]
Experimentation, usually during practice, to determine the characteristics of a lane. Some lanes are faster than others, some will allow a bigger hook while others will hold the ball back, etc.
Ready Up [Poker]
Prepare for a cheating move.
Real Wrestler [Wrestling]
A character based wholly on an existing wrestler in real life, eg. Ric Flair. Most real wrestler feds tend to be computer-simmed, possibly because many computer-sims have Real Wrestler profiles as part of the package.
Reamer [Golf]
Type of drill bit used to enlarge a hosel to one uniform parallel tip diameter.
Rear Clip [Motor Sports]
The section of a race car that begins at the base of the rear windshield and extends to the rear bumper. Contains the car's fuel cell and rear-suspension components.
Rear End [Motor Sports]
Racer's term for the differential, the set of gears that transfers power from the driveshaft to the rear wheels.
Rear Wheel Drive [Motor Sports]
The rear wheels receive all the engine power. RWD is preferred over front-wheel drive (FWD) for its superior handling and acceleration capabilities. RWD provides less traction than FWD in poor road conditions because less weight is available over the drive wheels.
Rear-Steer [Motor Sports]
A car in which the steering components are located behind the front axle.
Rear-Wheel Drive (Rwd) [Motor Sports]
The drivetrain in which power is applied through the rear wheels only.
Rebate [Motor Sports]
An illegal action wherein the agent gives the insured a portion of his or her commission to entice the purchase of insurance.
Rebound [Basketball]
1) A carom of the ball off the backboard after a missed shot. 2) Gaining possession of the ball after it has come off the backboard. As a verb, to get a rebound. See defensive rebound; offensive rebound.
Rebound Rubber [Bingo]
The rubber disk mounted at the top left of the playfield that the ball bounces off if you shoot the ball hard enough.
Recall [Motor Sports]
A manufacturer calls in vehicles to repair defects, usually safety-related. Recalls may be voluntary, requested by the government, or mandated by NHTSA.
Receipt [Keno]
The ticket marked in ink by the keno writer and returned to the player, duplicating the original presented ticket. Also Duplicate Ticket, Duplicate Copy, or Duplicate.
Receiver [Football]
An offensive player who catches or attempts to catch a forward pass.
Receiving Barn [Horse Racing]
Where horses stabled at other tracks are kept before they go to the paddock for their races. After the race, horses that get tagged for testing report here.
Reciprocal [Sailing]
A bearing 180° from the other. A direction directly opposite the original direction.
Reciprocating [Motor Sports]
Motion of an object between two limiting positions. Applied to piston engines because of the limited up and down motion of the pistons.
Recirculating Ball [Motor Sports]
A steering mechanism in which the steering shaft turns a worm gear causing a toothed metal block to move back and forth, turning the front wheels. Ball bearings reduce friction between the worm gear and the metal block.
Reconditioning Reserve [Motor Sports]
Another name for the security deposit when leasing a vehicle.
Record Board [Weight Lifting]
A display that shows current records in the category being contested.
Recorder [Speed Skating]
An official who keeps track of race results and compiles the race standings.
Recover [Golf]
To play back into a satisfactory position on the fairway or onto the green from an undesirable position, such as a hazard or rough, on the course.
Recovery [Rowing]
The portion of the stroke, between the release and the catch, during which the oar is brought into position for the next stroke.
Recovery Shot [Golf]
A shot from an undesirable position, such as a hazard or the rough, onto the fairway or green.
Recurve [Archery]
A bow whose tips curve away from the archer.
Recurve Bow [Archery]
A bow where the limbs bend away from the archer when held in the firing position.
Red [Poker]
Red is the most common color for $5 chips. If someone bets a stack of red, it means they're betting a bunch of $5 chips, probably 20 of them.
Red and Yellow Flag [Motor Sports]
Flag used in road racing to signal there is oil on the course.
Red Bet [Roulette]
An even-money bet that the next number will be red.
Red Board [Horse Racing]
Old-time method of declaring a race official, by posting a red flag or board on the tote board.
Red Buoy [Sailing]
A nun buoy. A conical buoy with a pointed top, painted red, and having an even number, used in the United States for navigational aids. At night they may have a red light. These buoys should be kept on the right side of the boat when returning from a larger body of water to a smaller one such as a marina. Can buoys are used on the opposite side of the channel. Also see green and red daymarks.
Red Card [Soccer]
A card presented to a player by the referee signifying the player's ejection from the match. The red card is presented for dangerous fouls, repeated fouls, striking an opponent, spitting or after a player receives a second yellow card during the game.
Red Chip [Blackjack]
A $5 chip.
Red Color Bet [Roulette]
When placing your chips on the space marked red you collect if the winning color is red.
Red Daymark [Sailing]
A navigational aid used in the United States and Canada to mark a channel. Red square daymarks should be kept on the right when returning from a larger to smaller body of water. Green daymarks mark the other side of the channel. Also see can and nun buoys.
Red Dog [Poker]
An old card game whose name has been usurped as another name for acey-deucey.
Red Flag [Motor Sports]
A solid red flag is used to stop the race immediately. Generally races are stopped for bad accidents or weather. Occasionally, a multiple car accident will stop a race. Wreckers and fire marshals clear the track of cars, debris and fluids. Alternatively, rain makes the surface of the race track dangerous. Once NASCAR officials authorize the race to start again, a green flag resumes the race.
Red Light [Ice Hockey]
A light behind the goal cage, next to the green light, that is turned on by the goal judge to indicate that a goal has been scored.
Red Line [Ice Hockey]
A line, 12 inches wide, that extends across the ice midway between the goal lines. Also known as the center line.
Red Raw [Bingo]
Red Seven Count [Blackjack]
An unbalanced counting system devised by Arnold Snyder and included in his book, Blackbelt in Blackjack, which strikes good balance between power and ease of use. It gets it's name from the fact that the player counts only the red sevens as plus one and assigns a zero value to the black sevens. The other values assigned include plus one for 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's and 6's and minus one for ten valued cards and aces.
Red-Black Bet [Roulette]
An 18 number wager which pays off at 1-1.
Red-Lining [Motor Sports]
Unfairly discriminating against a risk because of its location.
Redboard [Horse Racing]
1) Old-time method of declaring a race official, by posting a red flag or board on the tote board. 2) A mildly derogatory phrase used to describe someone who claims to have selected the winner-but always after the race.
Redeal [Poker]
1) Deal again, usually as occasioned by a misdeal. 2) The situation in which the cards must be dealt. "Do I owe an ante?" "No, it's a re-deal."
Redline [Motor Sports]
Usually, the maximum RPM that an engine can be safely operated at; indicated by a red pointer or painted line on the tachometer.
Redoublement [Fencing]
A new action that follows an attack that missed or was parried; renewal of a failed attack in the opposite line; alternatively see Reprise.
Redraw [Poker]
A draw to an even better hand when you currently are holding the nuts.
Reds [Roulette]
Casino chips worth five dollars.
Reed and Prince Screw [Golf]
Ype of screw, as identified by its head pattern, used on certain soleplates and wooden wood face insert screws. Reed and Prince screws are identified by their squared screw pattern edges.
Reef [Sailing]
(1) To partially lower a sail so that it is not as large. This helps prevent too much sail from being in use when the wind gets stronger. (2) A line of rock and coral near the surface of the water.
Reef Cringles [Sailing]
Reinforced cringles in the sail designed to hold the reefing lines when reefing the sail.
Reef Knot [Sailing]
Also known as the square knot. This knot is an unreliable knot used to loosely tie lines around the bundles of sail that are not in use after reefing.
Reef Points [Sailing]
Points where lines have been attached to tie the extra sail out of the way after reefing.
Reefing Lines [Sailing]
Lines used to pull the reef in the sail. The reef line will pass through reef cringles, which will become the new tack and clew of the reefed sail.
Reentry Blind [Poker]
A blind that a player in a traveling blind game puts in to get a hand after missing the blinds in a game in which players must come in on the blind.
Reeve [Sailing]
Leeding a line through a block or other object.
Referee [Water Polo]
In major matches, there are two referees, one on each side of the pool. One is called the attacking or offensive referee, when the goal to his or her right is being attacked. The other, the defensive referee, remains at least as far back as the attacking player who is farthest from the goal. Referees together are responsible for calling fouls and declaring penalties.
Referee Decision Lights [Weight Lifting]
Lights on the attempt board signal each referee's decision on whether or not a lift was valid. A white light indicates a good lift, a red light indicates no lift.
Referee's Crease [Ice Hockey]
A semi-circle with a 10-foot radius, marked in red, in front of the penalty timekeeper. When the referee is reporting penalties, no player is allowed to enter this area.
Referee's Position [Wrestling]
The Referee's position is a starting position in which one wrestler begins in the defensive position and his opponent begins from the offensive position. The defensive wrestler is located in the center of the circle on his hands and knees. His hand and Knees must be parallel to the starting lines on the mat. The offensive wrestler position himself on the left or right side of his opponent with at least one knee on the mat on the side is positioned. offensive wrestler must also place the palm of his hand on his opponents stomach and the far hand on the opponent's elbow.
Referees Position [Wrestling]
The referees position is a starting position in which one wrestler begins in the defensive position and his opponent begins from the offensive position. The defensive wrestler is located in the center of the circle on his hands and knees. His hand and knees must be parallel to the starting lines on the mat. The offensive wrestler positions himself on the left or right side of his opponent with at least one knee on the mat on the side is positioned. Offensive wrestler must also place the palm of his hand on his opponent's stomach and the far hand on the opponent's elbow.
Referee’s Crease [Ice Hockey]
A semi-circular area, with a 10 foot radius, marked in red on the ice in front of the timekeepers’ bench into which players may not follow a referee.
Refinish [Golf]
The process of applying a completely new finish to a wooden or metal wood. The refinish involves removing the old finish prior to applying the new finish.
Reflector [Poker]
A cheating device, a mirror or other shiny object, such as a highly-polished cigaret lighter, placed apparently innocently on the table, used to read the reflected faces of the cards while they are being dealt. Also, gaper, glimmer, shiner
Reflex Unit [Bingo]
A simple mechanism in the game which stepped up when credits were won and stepped down when credits/coins were played. As it stepped up/down, electrical circuits in the game were broken/made. The circuits were used when playing for increasing the scores/features or extra balls. Bally marketing speak referred to the reflex unit as "proportioning the game". What that really meansis that as credits are awarded, the game is less likely to give you extra balls or increase the scores/features. As credits are played off/coins deposited, the game gets more generous. The reflex unit does not reset between games, so if you win big, leave the game and let someone else loosen it up with their money!
Refrigerator [Poker]
Where a cold deck (supposedly) comes from. "He brought one out from the refrigerator" means he brought in a cooler (cold deck).
Refundable Security Deposit [Motor Sports]
Money to be held until lease-end as a security method for all lease obligations.
Refusal [Equestrian Sports]
Failure to jump a fence because the horse stops or tries to run around it. Scored as a disobedience.
Refuse [Horse Racing]
1) When a horse will not break from the gate. 2) In jumping races, balking at a jump.
Refused [Golf]
Fails to leave the starting. See also: Turned in box.
Regatta [Rowing]
A boat race, or a meeting at which a number of boat races take place.
Register [Bingo]
The series of blank lines preceded by a numeral, letter, or symbol combination that appears on a coin board, seal card, or tipboard and is the place where players holding a ticket with the corresponding numeral, letter, or symbol combination sign their names.
Registration [Motor Sports]
Required sign-in point before you enter the track property. Also, registration staff.
Regrip [Golf]
The process of installing a new grip onto a club.
Regular [Poker]
Habitual player in a home game, or frequent player in a particular card room.
Regular Season [Soccer]
The schedule of games set before the season; consists of all games played before a playoff or tournament is held.
Regular Shaft [Golf]
A shaft with normal flex.
Regular Ticket [Keno]
The standard or basic ticket sold by a casino.
Regulation Game [Basketball]
Four 12-minute quarters in the NBA or two 20-minute halves in college; a game that ends without overtime periods.
Rei [Martial Arts]
A command to bow.
Reimbursement [Motor Sports]
Payment of the amount according to the loss or damage of property.
Reining [Equestrian Sports]
A type of western riding in which the rider and horse perform an assigned pattern from memory, demonstrating various figures, stops, and turns at varying speeds.
Reinoji Dachi [Martial Arts]
« L » stance
Reins [Horse Racing]
Long straps, usually made of leather, that are connected to the bit and used by the jockey to control the horse.
Reinsman / Reinswoman [Horse Racing]
Another term for driver.
Reject [Basketball]
To block a shot.
Rejection [Basketball]
A blocked shot.
Relative Bearing [Sailing]
A bearing relative to the boat or another object, rather than a compass direction.
Relative Stiffness [Golf]
The stiffness of a shaft when compared to another shaft or shafts.
Relative Wind [Skydiving]
The direction from which the supporting column of air is coming. When you exit an aircraft that is traveling forward, the relative wind direction comes from an angle, down and from the direction of the aircraft's flight.
Relative Work (Rw) [Skydiving]
Older name for Formation Skydiving.
Relay [Speed Skating]
Short track competition has relay races, usually involving four teams with four skaters each. Each team member must take at least one turn on the track, but the distance to be covered by a skater isn't fixed. When an exchange takes place, the skater on the track needs only to touch the incoming skater. In practice, however, the incoming skater usually gets into a crouch on the ice and is given a push start by the skater who's being replaced. Only one exchange can take place during the last three laps, and a single skater has to complete the final two laps.
Release [Poker]
Fold a hand, usually implying a good hand when you think it is beat. For example, in hold `em, you have three 7s, but after the fourth heart just appeared on the board, Transparent Tommy, who has been calling all the way, now bets out. You might say, "I knew he made the flush. I hated to do it, but I had to release a set."
Release Aid [Archery]
A mechanical device that allows smoother release of the arrow.
Release Fork [Motor Sports]
Disengages the clutch disc from the flywheel by pressing on the pressure plate release springs.
Relegation Rule [Horse Racing]
A rule which gives Stewards the power to relegate a horse/s to a different finishing position, should they believe, for example, it destroyed the chances of another runner which would have definitely finished ahead of it.
Relief Driver [Motor Sports]
A driver who, during a race, takes over a car for another driver who is physically unable to continue.
Relief Pitcher [Baseball]
The pitcher replacing the starting pitcher. The relief pitcher can win, lose, save, or not be involved in the game’s final score.
Relief Pitcher Failures (Rpf) [Baseball]
Number of times a relief pitcher fails to record a save, given the opportunity.
Relief Points (Pts) [Baseball]
Wins plus saves minus losses
Rembrandt [Poker]
1) A form of draw poker, found only in home games, in which all face cards are wild. 2) Face card; so called because a face card is sometimes called a paint. This usage is usually restricted to lowball.
Remise [Fencing]
Renewing an attack after being parried by moving the point along the same line toward a different point on the target.
Ren Zuki [Martial Arts]
Successive punches
Renewal [Motor Sports]
The continuation of coverage that is about to expire.
Renmei [Martial Arts]
A federation, league, or union of Japanese martial arts clubs.
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